3D Game Design

Make Your Own 3D Video Game!
Kids learn the basics of computer game design, including models, textures, volumes, lighting and more to make an amazing 3D video game.

3D Printing

Create Your Own 3D Prints & Renderings!

Kids learn how to sculpt, texture, arrange, and render 3d models in preparation for real 3D printing from our partner Shapeways. 3D Printing & Modeling gives you the power to create...anything!

We offer a wide portfolio of courses, so students can pursue creating in whatever field they are passionate about.

​No prior experience is needed, so your child can begin with whichever course excites them the most!​

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App Design

Kids Create Their Own  App!
Kids learn mobile app development skills as they design their own mobile game that they can play on their iPhone or Android device.

Mod Design
Kids Create Minecraft® Mods!
Kids learn professional Java programming as they design and code their own Minecraft mods that they can play and share with friends.​